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5x library and reading moments

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Z for short.

Text: Solveig Hansen, 2018

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1. Trapped in the library door
2. A story about a boy and a teacher, an atlas and reading
3. Library on wheels
4. Stuffed animal sleepover in the library
5. Knit and listen

I recently visited our brand new public library with its modern, urban look. In the soft chairs and sofas, people read papers or magazines or books, some used the computers lined up by the windows. A visiting kindergarten class caught my attention. The children had small vests showing the name of their kindergarten. Librarians read aloud to them. At one of the tables, a boy was reading a football book. A girl leaned back in a deep chair, totally immersed in whatever story she was reading — I couldn’t see the title, but her facial expression was definitely that of a bookworm.

I smiled and remembered the day when…

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Written by Solveig Hansen

9.9.2018 kl. 13:17

Publisert i #kreativweb

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